Nikki Rosato

visual artist

Drawing Banner

Catch and Release:

Catch and Release is a series of graphite drawings inspired by the emotional burdens we carry with us through life. By combining imagery taken from personal photographs with metaphoric references, Nikki Rosato provides a glimpse into her own psyche.



Cut Map:

Our physical bodies are beautiful structures full of detail, and they hold the stories that haunt and shape our lives. The lines on a road map are fascinatingly similar to the lines that cover the surface of the human body.

In my work involving maps, as I remove the landmasses from the silhouetted individuals I am further removing the figure’s identity, and what remains is a delicate skin-like structure. Through this process, specific individuals become ambiguous and hauntingly ghost-like, similar to the memories they represent.

The figures in the Connections series find themselves bound by the roads that both separate them as well as lead them to one another. People are often separated by distance, and these connected lines represent the roads that are either explored to bring these figures together or left untraveled, further symbolizing not only their physical distance but also psychological and emotional space.