Listen to Nikki talk about her cut road map work: 


Object (noun): a material thing that can be seen and touched.
Object (verb): to express one's disapproval of or disagreement with something.

As a recent transplant to Washington, DC, with a view of the White House from the front of my apartment building, I find myself continuously inundated by the current political climate. While I can turn off the TV to come up for air, I cannot escape the overwhelming feeling that our individuality has been lost. Humanity is being removed from the conversation, and we are instead being treated as objects in a game that is spiraling out of control. As a woman, I am directly impacted by how those in power regard women and how their ideologies trickle down into society.

My work focuses on the individual and emerges from an obsession with the human body: the vessel that provides life and encapsulates our personal story. I find many parallels between map and body, both visual and symbolic. The land is just as alive as we are—map lines are unique imprints, signifying movement and life flowing across the earth. 

In the Object series, I'm exploring the perception of object versus individual. Each piece creates a kaleidoscopic pattern where the object’s overall shape and its individual human elements challenge each other through visual flux.